Frequently Asked Questions  

What is the difference between Urban Forest perfume and other perfume?  

Urban Forest Perfume Co. aromas are designed to be modern and unique.  They are for the city-dwelling nature lover; for the perfume collector; for the world-traveler, and the risk taker.  The fragrances are formulated using only plant-based materials with the intention to be worn by all.  I believe smell doesn’t need to be assigned a gender – wear what you love!  My inspiration can come from anywhere; global travels, hiking in the Shenandoah Valley, walking by a bunch of lavender growing alongside the sidewalk, the smell of freshly cut lumber at a home improvement store… you get the idea. 


Where are your products made?

All Urban Forest Perfume Co. products are proudly handmade in the Hill East neighborhood of Southeast Washington, D.C.   The ingredients are sourced from around the world.  

How long do Urban Forest Perfume Co. perfumes last?

This can vary from person to person, but as a general, sprayed directly on the skin, four to six hours.  It depends on where you like to wear your fragrance.  Spraying directly on clothing, or in the hair, tends to hold smell and stick around all day (and possibly all night!). 


To quote perfumer Roxana Villa, "A true botanical perfume will not last for hours on end, although there are some that will last longer than others.  This is dependent on skin chemistry and the amount of base notes in the fragrance.  A great metaphor for botanical perfume is that fresh bouquet of flowers.  When we purchase fresh flowers we want to bring that vital, fresh nature component into our home, often it is for the visual aspect, sometimes for the aroma or both.  A botanical perfume, like that fresh bouquet, is alive and over time will dwindle. The beauty is temporal."


What does "plants only" perfume mean?

I tend to stay away from the word “natural” when describing my perfumes.  Petroleum is “natural”, it comes from the earth and is refined, but that does not mean I want it on my body or yours.  I use plant ingredients that have been distilled straight from their natural source. These naturally derived ingredients are inherently fragrant and are then blended to create the perfume, which is preserved in 190 proof grain alcohol.  All products in the collection are hand blended in small batches.  There may be slight variations in color or consistency due the ingredients used.   Even after filtering, it is possible your perfume may have plant materials floating within the bottle.  That’s nature for you:  magical and dynamic.    

"Perfume is not a smell. It’s what I call a message in a bottle. A smell has no intent. A perfume is like a chemical poem composed by a human being to impart an idea or sensation or emotion to another human being. The best ones are those where the intent is clear, otherwise it’s just something nondescript that smells vaguely good. So if the intent is intelligent, humorous, surprising, novel, profound, then the critic’s job is to read that intent and put it into words. In a sense, you’re simply translating." - Luca Turin 


Shipping:  Items typically ship within 2-3 business days after receiving payment. Exceptions may occur during busier times of the year, or if there has been a note made to our social media/website noting otherwise. 

Returns/Exchanges:  We encourage you to purchase sample sizes or visit one of our retailers to try before you buy a full sized product to ensure it works for you.  Refunds are not permitted and returns not accepted. Nevertheless, I want to hear from you if you are not completely satisfied! Please send a note to with details of your experience. 

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